• Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping
  • Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping

Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping

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$34.20 $36.00 piece
  • Black
  • Khaki
  • Army Green
  • ACU Camo
  • CP Camo
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UPGRADED MATERIAL:Adopts 600D nylon fabric and heavy duty SBS zipper, with waterproof coating and dual seam, this military tactical backpack is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant and not easy to fade.

HYDATION COMPATIBLE:The large thickened zipper pocket below the back of shoulder strap is great for a hydration bladder (backpack didn't include hydration bladder) as hydration backpack or outdoor hunting & hiking backpack.(There is a connecting hole outside the pocket)

MOLLE SYSTEM:With MOLLE external expansion system (there are enough attachment points on the back on which you can add small pouches), you can hang the water bottle, climbing hook, accessory bag on the backpack. ( attachment pouches are not included)

LARGE CAPACITY: The dimensions of this backpack are 19.6” *11.8”* 11.8”(H*D*W). Three-layer big zipper pockets, zipper mesh pocket, wall pocket, which can be used for clothes, tools and other necessities. It is suitable for hunting backpack, survival backpack, army backpack, trekking backpack or daily work.

User-friendly: The military backpack features two wide adjustable shoulder straps; with waist support and chest strap on the bottom, and a handle on the top, which are reinforced to protect your shoulders from hurting by heavy objects. Take this considerate partner, you will get a more relaxing trip.

Product: Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag 3 Day Assault Pack for Camping

Tag: Tactical Backpack Molle Bug Out Bag, 3 Day Assault Laptop Pack, Outdoor Hunting Rucksack, Trekking Army Rucksacks, Military Tactical Laptop Backpack

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ByJohn P. SantucciMonday, 03 June 2019
ACU camo version..More than fits my needs. Well worth the price. Have been searching for a tactical back pack for the past month. LOOKED at a lot of the ones offered here. After reading the reviews of this item, I finally decided to pull the trigger so to speak and order it. It arrived boxed of course and in a large zip lock type of bag. Upon opening the bag there was NO unpleasant odor to the backpack. I thoroughly examined the the pack checking all zippers, clips, straps seams, stitching and shoulder straps. All were in perfect order. Excellent quality control. The material of the backpack is first rate and the digital camo pattern was very good. too. I loaded the bag up to see how it rode on my shoulders and I was quite pleased on how it felt after a period of time and it past my test. This back pack was the perfect size for my 6' frame. Wish it did have a little more separate web type and full fabric type pockets internally. Still all in all NOT a deal breaker. So, if you're looking for a very decent back pack you won't go wrong with this one. Just make sure you carefully read the product description so you'll know its capabilities. The free Velcro American flag was really appreciated. Thanks Yidepot Tactical glad I made this purchase.
ByDaniel SmithTopMonday, 03 June 2019
Military Tactical Backpack Army Small- 3 Day Assault Pack- Molle Bug Out Bag, Top Notch!! I just received this VERY WELL MADE small tactical back pack today, I also ordered a 2 Lt. hydro bladder (I could have went for a 3 Lt.) I live 90 miles from town and in the winter when it's -30 (or summer at 90) I like to know I have anything I may need, if you don't have what is needed, you will die!- I can fit an extra pair of extreme long underwear, 2 insulated sets of pants/shirts , 4-5 days of "Pro-American Food" meals (I can't use the company's name)3 pair of -30 wool socks, a small butane stove w/ extra fuel,a solar phone charger,Law Enforcement Grade flashlight/extra batteries, Government issued cooking mess kit, flint & tinder for fire starting, extra sharpening stones (blade too), I always carry 500' of para cord, a -50 rated sleeping bag w/ 20' x 30' insulated tarp. These last few items will strap on the Molle strapping (I have a very "Light Weight" Mountaineering tent from my younger days) I used to keep these things in a plastic tub in my tool box in my truck bed, now I can toss this tough bag in the front w/ no worries of the water bag freezing- I did get it during a "Lighting Sale" but the normal price is not too much for a bag this well made. If you are liable to go on a "Road Trip" like I do in the dead of winter (I live in extreme N.E.Wyoming), 55 miles of back road before I get to the paved road, then I-90, this bag will hold very securely all the items that will give you "Peace of Mind" that could save your or someone else's life (My 81 yr. Young Mom won't worry so much when I decide to take a break from all the serenity)- Thanks Amazon for selling a Very useful/ well made piece of equipment, as well as FAST shipping and the right Price 2 people found this helpful
ByLou FalconWednesday, 29 August 2018
Finally a Camouflage Photography backpack worth buying I recently left an in depth review about another bag, this is important for the review of this bag. The YAAGLE Oxford Large Capacity Multi-function Waterproof Anti-shock DSLR Gadget Camera Bag Professional Gear Photography Travel Backpack Rucksack with Inner Padding and Extra Rain Cover is an exceptional bag, please see my review about this bag. I recently was looking for an alternate bag and wanted a Camouflage photography bag, much to my surprise there are many cheap Camo bags and almost no Photography Camouflage bags out there! After 2 months of looking I came across this Reebow Tactical Camo bag, I love this bag. It is super strong! It has extra sewn straps along the side of the backpack for added super durability! It is super well stitched! The Black Camo color is terrific! It has a removable and relocatable american flag! I took the inner guts of my YAAgle bag and it fit perfectly inside the Reebow tactical bag (see pictures) I supposse you can remove the innerd of any photography bag and place it in the Reebow, then you have room for a Laptop! You have two additional compartments for items such as extra batteries, and STILL another there is another compartment for anything else you deem necessary!! It has multiple straps for additional customization, so that it fits comfortable on your shoulders! It is expandable, meaning you can add to it! It has a compartment, where you can add a hiking water pouch container, and the Reebow has a small hole that is covered by a velcrow tab, so you can run the water hose out, for full access while wearing the backpack on your back!! I cannot tell you how OUTSTANDING THIS BAG IS! Here comes the best part, it cost me $38 bucks...are you kidding me!!! I had bought 2 other bags and unfortunately had to return them, around the same price, so I was weary about purchasing this bag, but truly folks, I am glad I did.please see the pictures for your on consideration. If you want a great strong Photography backpack that is Camouflage, this is an OUTSTANDING option.
ByJim nWednesday, 22 August 2018
Great for what it is and price point... Just about perfect. This is well assembled pack that offers good organization of your equipment. Very versatile and appears to be well made for the price point. Plus: Perfect size for 2 maybe 3 days of equipment. it is a small pack (not quite a full 3 day pack) and I knew that going in. just what I wanted, Good amount of organization within, adequate cinching, Room for small water bladder. Velcro patch strips adequate. minus: color not same within materials, pack color actually more brownish/green than OD . straps are OD green. however I have to say it does look cool the combo, not expecting much for price point but it does somehow pull it off. Not the new style of Assault back pack padding (two pads and center vent) if you plan on using in hot or for long duration's keep this in mind. You maybe able to add your own padding where water bladder goes? haven't tried though... the reason for 4 stars are straps, back padding and color. functionality gives it 4. My use: overnight bag and bug-out bag with minimalist 3-day equipment needs. I replaced this with a bigger bag and its perfect. bug out bag setup (I use small bags for quick change out of bags needs): shelter, medium ultra-lite tarp, space blanket, 275 paracord (not 550 to keep size down) I have a ultra ultra lite/small sleeping back I can strap to outside if I feel necessary. Food, 72hr instant kit, with protein drinks, ultralite wood and a penny alcohol stove. small bottle of d-alcohol, 3 esbit 1300 tabs, starter and tender. 550 titanium pot/cup w lid, 1.5L water bladder (2L would work but you may not be able to fill 100%). Sawyer mini water filter (which I dig, so simple, small, 100k gal, screws on any water bottle,come on). General: small/med first-aid kit, knives, multitool, headlamp, small binoculars and my favorite razor sharp camp axe with custom kydex sheath clip/strap to outside. A extra pair of socks, underwear, gloves, bennie(I have down jacket and ultralite rain jacket usually with me all the time or next to pack to grab with pack)... food and clothes for now are in WP bags, may end up doing all, currently using zip locks for others. I keep everything as ultra-lite as I can to be able to fit all the above in pack. its lite, quick and ready. keep practicing your bushcraft with what you have to understand your abilities, that is essential.
ByOconnorsclanFriday, 10 August 2018
Over all good quality back pack a lot of nice features.
ByMichael J. DowlingMonday, 30 July 2018
the tactical pack is perfect for hunting For the price, obviously you're not getting a milspec MOLLE pack, but it is built very well with thick nylon cordura. I cut off a ton of straps and buckles, the designer of this bag went overboard with them, I replaced the zipper pulls with milspec 550 cord and after a few other mods, the pack is perfect for hunting, 1-2 day hike, going to the range etc... I was pleasantly surprised with how high quality the bag feels, and the construction (dual stitching, few frayed ends). For under $40 you can't complain about this bag.
ByJ. TurnerWednesday, 06 June 2018
SOLID! The best medium bag I've seen A++ !!! This one really impressed me. I was expecting a "nice" bag but this bag is outstanding! By far the nicest bag of its size (tac/bugout) I've seen. They got everything right. It's attractive, sturdy, and has all the details. It's extraordinarily well made: Heavy stitching, lots of webbing for gear, padded straps, sturdy zippers and a great woodland pattern. Heavy fabric is sturdy and stiff, not flimsy at all like some cheap bags. Better than anything I've seen at the gun shows (no, that is not an exaggeration) and it's not some old, nasty worn-out surplus item. It's clean and new. And the size is perfect. Big enough to hold a 17" laptop + books, or bug-out gear. (if it were full it would be challenging to carry much more) But even if loaded up the heavy construction and nylon straps should keep it all contained and secure. Carry straps are well padded. And I like the grab handle on top. Makes a great range bag. Lots of velcro for attachments or morale patches. The inclusion of a muted-colors US flag on the back was a nice surprise. I didn't expect it to come with one, but it did! Best Yidepot purchase in a long time. LOVE IT!
ByJoeWednesday, 10 May 2017
Bigger than It looks I wanted a bag that would fit the following: A spare change of work clothes Workout clothes Workout shoes Towel Deodorant Soap A notebook A tablet My beats headphones My planner My laptop (13" Asus) Chargers Wireless mouse Pens/pencils A place for keys I WAS ABLE TO FIT ALL OF THIS IN THIS Tactical Backpack Bag! This bag is great! Pockets everywhere for everything! I couldn't believe I got all this! A great out bag! Can't beat it for the price. The quality is like a 100$ bag! Buy it